An OB-GYN’s Insight on Heart Health and Hormones

Did you know that a woman dies every 80 seconds from a heart attack or stroke, and 80% of heart disease can be prevented? Dr. Sherry explains the hormones and heart connection, and the habits you can adopt to maximize your health.

Dr. Sherry A. Ross February 26, 2018

White Coat Betrayal: Ending Sexual Assault in Medicine

The doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct and is the primary principle to our health and wellness. Dr. Sherry speaks frankly about what happens when that unspoken trust, and what you can do about it.

Dr. Sherry A. Ross February 10, 2018

Top 6 Female Health Resolutions to Start NOW!

It’s 2018 and time to embrace and value the importance of your female health. Here are Dr. Sherry’s top 6 Female Health Resolutions once your legs go up in stirrups!

Dr. Sherry A. Ross January 9, 2018

Time to Take Control of Your Sexual Health – Cover Up With the Female Condom

Women are often confused about how often they should be tested for STIs, the long term effects of untreated STIs, and the true definition of safe sex. While many women spend time looking for contraceptive options they often forget to think about protecting themselves against STIs.

Dr. Sherry A. Ross November 7, 2017

What to Know About Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing. Egg storing. It’s the process that gives women of all ages hope to use their own genetic pool to make a baby sometime in the near or distant future. Egg freezing needs to be talked about a lot more, plain and simple.

Dr. Sherry A. Ross October 4, 2017

Rainbow V: The Medical Community Needs to Step It Up for LGBT Community

My first priority is giving my patients not only the best care possible, but the respect and compassion that women need and deserve. I reach out to my LGBT community because they are in the minority, the underdogs in receiving medical care and gainful employment.

Dr. Sherry A. Ross September 8, 2017

The Vagina Revolution NOW!

When my book she-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Health. Period. was recently published after four years of work, I was thrilled and excited. There was only one problem: mainstream media didn’t want me to use the word “vagina” when promoting my book. Sure, you can talk about women’s health care but you can’t say the word “vagina” when doing so. This has become a major roadblock for me—it’s shocking, disappointing, and contradicting!

Dr. Sherry A. Ross September 6, 2017
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