What to Know About Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing. Egg storing. It’s the process that gives women of all ages hope to use their own genetic pool to make a baby sometime in the near or distant future. Egg freezing needs to be talked about a lot more, plain and simple.

October 4, 2017

The Vagina Revolution NOW!

When my book she-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Health. Period. was recently published after four years of work, I was thrilled and excited. There was only one problem: mainstream media didn’t want me to use the word “vagina” when promoting my book. Sure, you can talk about women’s health care but you can’t say the word “vagina” when doing so. This has become a major roadblock for me—it’s shocking, disappointing, and contradicting!

September 6, 2017

Health Tips As You Prepare for College

College is an amazing milestone everyone looks forward to experiencing. But your first college assignment happens before you leave for school. Find out how to get your first college “A” by taking care of your personal health.

August 7, 2017

Putting Your Health First Should Be At The Top of Your To-Do List!

As both a mother of three sons and a full-time practicing doctor, I know how challenging it can be to put yourself above those who depend on you 24/7. But if I’ve learned one thing in all my years of practice it’s that, if you don’t make time to take care of yourself, you can’t fully be there for those you love. So, how, as women, can we prioritize our health? Putting Your Health First Should Be At The Top of Your To-Do List!

June 23, 2017